Personal Training

Gain Knowledge! Get Motivated!

Whatever your personal training needs, the Acadia Personal Training team will do its best to deliver. 

No matter what your fitness level, goals, or physical limitations, we can provide you with a structured program that works with your schedule and lifestyle. Learn how to correctly exercise for YOUR body, get one-on-one training that is effective and efficient to achieve your goals, and get motivated! Here are some of the training options we have to offer:



PT Price

Acadia Student

Initial Assessment (1.5hr)

*required for each new client



Subsequent Sessions (1hr)

*1-4 sessions



*5+ sessions



PT Package(Initial +5)



Subsequent Packages

*10 Sessions



*20 Sessions



Personal Training requires use of our facility. If you do not have a facility pass, you will be required to purchase a day pass or a facility membership.